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D-gaz company activates at the LPG systems and especially in Diesel blending. It is the exclusive agent representative of Diesel Gas Australia in Greece and a number of neighbor countries.

D-gaz is based in Northern Greece and its target is to provide to its future client: economy, safety but most important to guarantee quality in transportation.

Specifically, the vapor injection system of Diesel Gas Australia, provides up to 20% fuel economy, increase raise of about 25% in torque and horsepower, and extends the traveling range of about 10%.

Also, the engine-life extension is guaranteed, as an effect of less carbon in combustion chamber, so as the engine oil remains cleaner for a longer period.

Lastly, the DGA system is environmental-friendly, as it reduces the pollutant emission and black smoke.

In our company, we can assure the reliability in cooperation and quality of life.